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The School of Athens represents all the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists from classical antiquity gathered together sharing their ideas and learning from each other. These figures all lived at different times, but here they are gathered together under one roof.

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Which is more important, the goal or the route?

The metaProject course combines design thinking prototyping techniques, programming and physical computing in one study program.

The goal is the purpose which keeps up the motivation during time.

The goal of the course is to train skilled professionals who are able to work in interdisciplinary design team within the most innovative industrial and design fields.

Students have the opportunity to acquire Human Centred Design methods for the analysis and the solution of design problems and to autonomously practice research methods.

The ability to use existing methods and to develop new ones is one of the main goals of the mP Program that qualifies the students for careers in companies where innovation crosses the interaction design area.

Our strengths

  • 5 in-depth seminars on current cultural and innovative themes.
  • Creating networking and related benefits.
  • +40 students ready to become part of your team or your company.
  • 1 exclusive network of professionals and selected companies
  • Hundreds of content for a constant update on current trends in HR and innovation business.
  • Co-design between companies: to innovate HR processes tailored to companies and companies.
  • New fresh ideas and concrete applications for your business.
  • 1 event dedicated during the Milan Furniture Fair, one of the most important weeks in the international design and innovation sector.
  • A meta-project is much more than a training course, it is a lively and pulsating reality that wants to grow. Grow with us!

Our faculty

  • Alessandro Di Cio Photographer & Videomaker
  • Benedetta Marotti Digital Educator
  • Chiara Bagnardi Social Media Manager & Tutor
  • Christian Nadile Motion Designer & Tutor
  • Francesca Vescovi P.R. & Corporate Communication
  • Ilaria Taietti Architect & Interior Designer
  • Marco Sorrentino Copywriter & Tutor
  • Maria Briuolo Tutor
  • Matteo Gambini Service Designer
  • Maurizio Lucci Creative Developer
  • Paola Berardi Communication Designer
  • Stefano Sabbadini Psychologist & Educator
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